Maitre Choux is the first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world. We are a modern version of a French patisserie, redesigned to cater to the most discerning of tastebuds. Every day and with a rigorous precision, our Three Michelin star experienced chef Joakim Prat bakes the most perfect eclairs, choux and chouquettes.

All of our creations are truly unique, and we regularly update our range with seasonal influences to take advantage of what nature does best and use the freshest ingredients available.

While the finest quality pastries are traditionally only available at the most exclusive restaurants, Joakim and Maitre Choux are taking on the challenge to bring them closer to the public. Whether take-away or eat-in, Maitre Choux quickly became the go to place for the best eclairs, choux and chouquettes in town!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!